Wednesday, April 3, 2013

DIY Song-Sheet Wall

If you were to enter our basement,
you would see a conglomeration of 
crafts, craft supplies, outdated pictures,
trinkets, gizmos, and gadgets.  

All four of us girls have our own
(due to the fact that we share rooms)
These areas are where we showcase 
the sense of style we think we have.

Recently (as in Sunday evening)
My mom and I modge-podged sheet music
onto my wall.
It was surprisingly easy,
well, some of it.

STEP 1: Put wall paper on the wall's surface
(this is so it stays somewhat removable)

STEP 2: Pick out postcards, sheet music, pictures, ect.
onto the wall one at a time using modge-podge.
Let dry. 

STEP 3: Touch up papers with modge-podge if needed.

I might be adding some other things like
 colored frames,
and old clock face,
 or anything else that might look awesome.


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