Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What's with the new name??

stand alone

To Stand Alone.  
Same blog, different name.
This quote came up on pintrest.
Love it so much.  

I am trying to come up with different names for this blog.  I didn't LOVE the original title (It's a colorful life.) It didn't have enough meaning to it.  The name might not be permanent.  But I liked it for now. 
(let me know what YOU think in the comments)
How do you like the new look?  More classy??  :) :) :) 

Check back in soon! More crafty creations coming!! And some fun recipes.  (some of which I made up!! don't worry, their safe :) ) 

<3 KylieGrace

1 comment:

  1. Love the blog name, Kylie! :)
    It takes a lot of thought into naming a blog...desiring something meaningful & interesting at the same time!
    I found your blog through your Pinterest & will enjoy keeping up with your latest crafts & baking endeavors!