Thursday, January 31, 2013

Make Me Some S'mores...

Who doesn't love them??

We made some over our gas stove last week.
(Don't try this at home! :P)

"Redneck S'mores"
That's what my sisters were calling our "baking" session. 
They tasted so good.  
And it was way more fun than using the oven or microwave. 

A few weeks ago, I wanted some frozen yogurt.
So I *attempted* to make some. 

 It all started with some fruit in a blender. 
Then I poured it into a cake pan and froze it.
That was all.
We scraped it into a cup and enjoyed what didn't taste much like yogurt but more like....
A frozen smoothie.
Wonder why... :)

Check this out!!!
I made it a few months ago, but just found this picture. 
It is felt hand stitched on cloth.
It took a while... 
but it turned out SO STINKIN' CUTE!!

The letters were cut out of felt
The olive was traced with stencils
 and sewn together.

Thanks for joining me!! 
See you soon,

<3 KylieGrace

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