Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Bunch of Goodies!

I have 2 things to blog about today.
1). Cupcake Liner Flowers 
2). An Interesting Workout 

Here is the DIY Cupcake Flower Instructions.

These flowers are SO beautiful!
I used a few on Christmas gifts (yeah, this post is a bit delayed...) 
They are just so cute!! 
This tutorial is on how to make regular sized flowers,
but I also made some small flowers with mini cupcake liners.
Those were ADORABLE!!!

Items needed:
Cupcake liners
hot glue gun 
Take one liner,
cut 4 slits into it.
( look at it like a clock,
you want one at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock)

Do this to as about 6-10 wrappers
depending on how full
you want your flower.
Over lap the liners
so that when there is a slit,
a uncut part of another wrapper
goes behind it.
Glue the bottoms of the wrappers down
to eachother.
To make the middle full,
you have to cut a SLICE
(not just a slit)
out of the wrapper

Glue the ends together to form
almost a mini wrapper

The bottom might look a little funky...
Just push it in to make it flat. 

Do the 4 slits to the smaller wrapper again.
Do about 2 of the smaller cut wrappers
(like above)

After you have done 2 of your first "mini wrapper"
Keep making the slice
a little larger and larger.

Do this until you have a pretty full flower

cut out have of your wrapper,
cut a small dip into one half,
... then wrap it up like so.
Glue together.
HOW COOL IS THAT????!!!!???!
You can vary in size, pattern, and fullness.
You could even add a bead or button
as your center instead of the rolled wrapper.
That was fun ;)
Now for the workout I invented.........

We all know Taylor Swift's 

The other evening, I was listening to it while exercising 
And I kinda made up my own workout. 

This is what I did:
(boy, was I tired!!!)

Listen to the song, and when the time comes,

(use version of song above for correct times) 

Click here to check out the routine. 
You'll LOVE it :) :) 

I hope you enjoyed both the flowers and the workout.  
I learned how to do a waterfall braid today :) :) :)

Pinned Image

It is surprisingly easy. 
(and I CANNOT do hair!) 
Trying that was fun. 

Until next time,

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