Friday, December 21, 2012

On A Sunny Winter Day....

In our part of the world,
it has been unusually sunny.
 Not warm, just sunny. 
 December should be snowy.

Winter is being snowed in, sledding, drinking hot chocolate by the fire,  watching the snow fall from a big picture window

But how do you do that when there is no snow?? 

These are my favorite pastimes during this unsnowy season. 

Drinking Tea - green tea <3 <3 

Lighting Bath & Body Works Candles
 (Tis the Season = Festive Favorite!!)

Watching my fake trees glow...

Eating peppermints
as my little brother calls them..)

And doing school.
Not my favorite pastime.
Christmas is almost here!! How exciting.

Have a holly jolly Christmas wherever you are!

<3 KylieGrace

PS: did you hear?? The world was supposed to end today...
but it is 11:52 PM and I'm still here........ ?

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